Omnistar Affiliate

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Our Thoughts:

Ominstar Affiliate Grows Your Business For You

The dynamics of running a business and growing it are changing. Customers and consumers are getting smarter. They are less likely to believe advertisements and are more likely to believe referrals from their friends and family. This brings up a good question, why? What is the difference between commercial advertisements and referrals? The answer is quite simple: trust.

However, how do you get your customers to refer others to your business? By the simple use and integration of the Omnistar Affiliate Software, you will witness your business grow in unimaginable numbers.

What is Omnistar Affiliate software?

This software is generally a marketing tool used to grow your consumer base, by using your already existing customers. The site basically allows your customers to work for you, by marketing your online or offline business. In other words, your customers become your brand advocates.

The software is completely user-friendly, allowing your customers to sign up with ease. Signing in to your referral system will hence create a window for them to share information about your business on various social media sites. Omnistar not only gives an opportunity for your current customers to work for you, but new ones as well. The auto sign up that comes with the software can immediately do this for you.

Furthermore, the software keeps track of the work your advocates. Hence, as a form of incentive, you can choose to reward them with a gift, money or whichever way you deem fit. As if that is not motivation enough, the software also allows you to create contests between your affiliate customers.

Too Good A Deal?

The deal is great and is a total guarantee to grow your sales and customer base. The Software comes with a fifteen day trial for all that wish to try it out. This is a great opportunity to try it out and consider whether or not it will work for you.

After the fifteen days are over, you can choose to purchase the Software plan that best suits you. The plan is divided into three categories: Basic, Professional and Premium, and all range in price. There’s no charge for the transaction fee or any other additional charges.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and grow your business with the simple touch of a button.


Omnistar Features

Social Share Widget

Get more website visitors to promote you.

Our social share widget makes it easy to refer your business. Customers and website visitors only provide their email address and start promoting you. The social share widget allows your customers to promote you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and by sending emails.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions.

Give customers an incentive for purchasing with coupon or discount codes. They can use the discounts at checkout. You will increase referrals and sales by providing discounts and coupons.

Smart Rewards

Reward your brand advocates easily.

Rewarding advocates is so easy. Reward advocates using commissions, coupons, discounts, gift cards, or any other method you and your affiliates agree on.

Auto Signup

Turn more customers into loyal brand advocates.

Use our referral partner auto signup feature to turn customers into affiliates. Every new customer that purchases from your store can now be turned into a brand advocate.

Customizable Thank You Pages

Recruit more brand advocates from thank you pages.

Use our customizable thank you pages to make your business go viral. Any user who lands on the thank you page can promote you. Using our thank you pages makes it easy to run referral campaigns, contests, & more.

Contest Manager

Increase sales using contests.

Create a contest for your referral program to keep advocates engaged and motivated. By tracking their performance to their peers, advocates will be inspired to promote you more.

Email Templates

Increase sales using email.

Provide unlimited prewritten email templates that your referral partners can use to send out to their friends and family.

Feedback Survey

Get feedback for your business.

Send a feedback survey email to find out which customers would recommend your business. Instantly convert those customers to advocates and have them start promoting you. Customers who choose not to recommend your business will give you feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your business.

Popups & Forms

Generate leads from every page of your website.

Engage and convert your website visitors using our exit intent and timed popups. Our popups will build your email list, increase conversions and decrease bounce rates.

Partnership Automation

Develop partnerships to get more traffic and sales.

Our software makes it easy for your business to develop partnerships. Partners can promote your business to their audience and this will increase your sales.


About Omnistar Affiliate
“The Omnistar Affiliate software was developed because of the basic need that we saw in the industry for a user friendly software that can be used to manage multiple affiliate programs from one interface. Based on feedback that we received from clients that used other solutions, we noted that most people complained about the complexity and difficulty in using the other solutions. Upon doing some research, we found that most people managing these affiliate programs are not technical people, therefore they need an intuitive and user friendly solution that includes plenty of documentation. From these basic needs, we developed the Omnistar Affiliate software. Our entire goal is to make sure our customers are successful with their affiliate programs, because if they are successful, then we are successful.”


For an in depth look at what you’ll get by using Omnistar’s platform, visit their website below.