Employee Scheduling
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Employee Scheduling Made Easy


About HomeBase

We launched Homebase to the public in 2015 to bring free timesheets and schedules to everyone, and to kill this paperwork once and for all. Our cloud-based time clock and time sheets allow you to track hours from anywhere, and save time on preparing payroll. Our scheduling tools allow you to build a better schedule in less time and publish it online for everyone to see. Our free apps allow the whole team to stay coordinated and connected.

Today Homebase serves thousands of great business across the US. We are proud to be a small part of their businesses and work life. We will continue to launch new products and services that help local businesses focus on people, not paperwork.



    Build & manage schedules from any browser. Send real-time update via SMS or email.


    Build your perfect schedule & save it as a template. Copy to future weeks with the click of a button.


    Use labels and colors to track shifts. View the schedule by day or role to make sure you’ve got the perfect coverage.


    Employees can request and send to you for approval. The schedule updates without any confusion.


    Employees can set their weekly availability request time-off from the free app. Track & approve requests, eliminating accidents


    Build a better, informed scheduling using our advanced scheduling tools. Improve your labor costs and service levels



Our Thoughts:


With the digital era that we currently live in, it is not strange to hear that a new application or software has been released. Brilliant and innovate minds are not lacking to make the lives of people around them that much easier. And just when we thought that it couldn’t get any better, an innovative company came up with the software known as Homebase.

What exactly does the Homebase software do? Well, I am glad you asked. Homebase is a software that basically allows an employer to keep track of their employees with the simple use of their smartphone or tablet. As an employer, you are well aware that running a business is not an easy task. Furthermore, maintaining it while trying to monitor your employees, log books and data makes it a daunting experience. If that is not enough, the cost that goes into all the administration work is crippling your business. That is exactly why Homebase was created: to make your responsibilities as an employer or manager, that much easier.

The software is extremely user-friendly and comes with different features to assist in the proper management of your business.  It allows you to create a schedule for your employees, making it available to employees in a matter of minutes. Changes can also be made on the schedules, without any real issues or glitches. This will help keep every employees’ schedule current and up-to-date.

The software also comes with a Time Clock Application.  This application allows your offline or online workers to clock in, and for you to keep a track of their work progress. This will, in turn, help you keep track of labor costs and save money. It also comes with an application known as the manager log. The manager log basically allows you to stay up to date with the current situation of your business. Staying in control despite the current changes your business may be experiencing, will definitely boost your growth considerably. As well as take the extra weight off your shoulders.

This application can be used by any type of industry. Its growth in popularity in the US lends to its reliability and convenience in terms of use. Your answer to easier business is just a download away. So what are you waiting for? Save more time, energy and money with the Homebase employee scheduling software.


For an in-depth look at all the feature HomeBase offers, visit their website below.