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Author: Initial Approach

Wave Accounting Software - Free Accounting Software for Entrprenuers and small business

Free Accounting Software For Solopreneurs and Small Business

Managing accounts for yourself or your business is no easy task. Many accountants go through years of specialized schooling in order to hone their financial analysis skills. Thankfully, as technology advances have increased, so have programs and applications designed to aid business owners and financial

Salesforce Essentials CRM

Salesforce Essentials: Small Business CRM

Small businesses are facing more challenges than ever these days. From the economic impact of the coronavirus to the increased online power of dominant big box brands, carving out a space for your small business in the marketplace can feel even more overwhelming than usual.

Marketing Modalities

Branding What is branding? Put simply, branding is your business’s identity. It helps your consumer understand your business’s objectives, your purpose, and what you have to offer. Branding is an invaluable way to build (and help retain) customer base. If your branding is effective, it